Birthday Club Reminder

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When I was in the US Navy we were expected (ordered) to have our teeth professionally cleaned once a year.  That appointment was during your birth month.  This appointment was considered an ‘order’ and if you did not show you were considered ‘awol’ (absent with out leave).

Birthday Reminder

This has always helped me keep on top of the date as to when I need my teeth professionally cleaned.  By having your reminder being your birth month you can keep track of the interval that is needed for your professional teeth cleaning.  Whether your body requires a dental cleaning every 3, 4 or 6 months, you can use this birthday schedule to help you remember.

Keep track of your own health with a Birthday Professional Dental

At Dental Hygiene Fitness we try to keep on top of schedules, but often times after that second reminder, we don’t want to be your nagging parent or spouse.  So help us help you by keeping track.  After all, let’s be adult about our own health.  Our goal at Dental Hygiene Fitness is to help you stay healthy, whole body healthy, and this includes your mouth.

Is it time for your professional dental cleaning?   Give us a call at 970-214-8420 or use our convenient scheduler on the website and reserve an appointment.  We are looking forward to helping you stay healthy.

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