Birthday Club Reminders

Birthdays – An Annual Event

So many times I have clients as me “is it time for my teeth cleaning”?  Well, if I’m not at my office and have no way to check their records – I would have no idea.  Do you have a problem remembering your health check dates?

Birthday Reminder

Well I have an easy way to remember.   Have your teeth professionally cleaned during your birth month.  Then you will have an easy way to remember your next teeth cleaning due date.  Whether you are on a twice a year maintenance cleaning or every 3- 4 month professional dental cleaning.

Birthday months can be busy

If the maintenance visit is important and it is a procedure that needs to be done annually I try to schedule during my birthday month.  My auto tags are renewed during that month as well as home conditioning filters, smoke detector batteries and of course my teeth cleaning.  Join the Birthday Club so you can stay on schedule with you professional dental cleanings.  Having your teeth professionally cleaned help to keep your whole body healthy.

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