I just assumed that if a product were in a ‘health food’ store it must be safe.  Surely the CEOs of these companies have researched the products that are on the shelves.  Well, not always so.  But the site EWG.org does this for you.  So often we depend on the labels to tell us what is in the soap or household cleaner, laundry, dish detergent.  Many times we have to do our own research to find the ingredients in the product.  In one common dish detergent the label lists methylisothiazolinone.  Do some research and you will find this is an antimicrobial agent as well as a nerve toxin.  So unless you are using rubber gloves to wash your dishes, you are absorbing this toxic chemical.  But what about the film left on your dishes?


There are many sites to check your ingredients.  PubMed.gov is a good site to review research completed as well as several scientific research sites.  EWG.org is a great site that grades the cleaning products using A,B,C,D,F scale.  If your product does not have the ingredients listed, don’t take it for granted that the ingredients are safe.  We absorb through our skin in 26 seconds.  There are many chemicals used that are not safe for us or our pets.  Chlorine bleach causes neurological disorders over long time use.  Sodium Lauryl Sulfate is a skin irritant, causes hair loss, is a zenoestrogen and can cause hormone disorders and there are many other side affects.

EWG.org and dishwasher

Our homes have become very toxic in the last few decades.  We use so many toxic cleaners, building materials and when our homes are closed up in the colder months, we are breathing and living with these chemicals on our clothes and bedding.  We vent our dryers, bathrooms and stove hood, but what about your dishwasher.  If you are using a chemical compound in your dishwasher you are making a steam of the chemical that now vents into your home.  EPA regulations does not allow us to vent our dishwasher outside because of the chemicals.  Think about this… If your dish detergent has chlorine bleach, you are making chlorine gas (steam) in the dishwasher.  This gas is now going to vent into your home.

Check out EWG.org

Keep your family safe.  There has been an increase in auto immune diseases, skin problems, asthma, COPD, parkinson’s and many more diseases over the last decade.  Keep your family safe, take the time to clean your home of the toxic chemicals.



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