EWG.org I just assumed that if a product were in a ‘health food’ store it must be safe.  Surely the CEOs of these companies have researched the products that are on the shelves.  Well, not always so.  But the site … Continued

Selective Tooth Polishing

To Polish or Not to Polish In students in dental hygiene school were all taught to polish the teeth.  But what is the real purpose of this gritty polishing?  Stain removal. Is this final procedure really necessary?   For years we have all … Continued

What Do Dental Hygienists Do?

Dental Hygienists are Preventive Specialists As part of patient care services, dental hygienists may: perform oral health care assessments that include reviewing patients' health history, dental charting, oral cancer screening, taking and recording blood pressure and oral periodontal disease evaluations. … Continued